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What is a Bail Bond?

A Quick Rundown of the Bail Bonds Process:

  • You or a loved on is arrested.
  • You call LasVegasNevadaBailBonds.com.
  • We ask you some questions to assess the situation and decide if we can post the bail.
  • After we post your bail at the Jail it takes an average of eight hours for the clerks at the jails to finish the process to release you.
  • You are than required to come to my office to fill out your end of the paper work.
  • We can than give you a free referral to an attorney.

More Information About Bail in Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas law, in the event an accused, who is set free on bail, does not appear in court during the dates of his trial, the Las Vegas bail bonds company shall bring the said accused to the court. The company will be given six months to make the person appear on the schedule set forth by the court.

If it fails to do so, then the bonds company shall pay the bail in the full amount. It is for this reason that the bondsmen in Las Vegas would require a 15% premium for posting a surety bail. That rate is more or less the same throughout the state of Nevada.

A bail bond is an agreement put into contract which is signed by the four parties involved. And they are the defendant, the Las Vegas bail bonds company, the court, and the co-signatory. Together with the required documents, the bail bonds company will deposit to the court a certain amount of money in exchange for your temporary freedom. In doing so, the court is assured by the company that you're not the type who will take flight. That you will honor the commitment and not run away the moment the bail is granted.

That is why, it is the responsibility of the bondsman to make sure that you will appear in court on all the dates assigned for your case's hearings. And the court that issues the bail would hold the company responsible for that. It is because a representative from the Las Vegas bail bonds company has also signed on the contract.